About Marchbanks Company Profile

Marchbanks Measurement Systems is the first and only company to develop revolutionary non surgical equipment to measure both cerebral and cochlear fluid pressures (CCFP). For the first time, this technique avoids the risks of drilling into the skull and also provides more accurate diagnosis at reduced costs. The equipment is designed for use mainly in Ear and Throat Hospital Departments and also in Neurology, however the potential applications are wide-ranging.

Established in 1988

The company was works closely with Universities and Institutes of Higher Education and this provides a two way technology transfer allowing new developments to come to the market.

The CCFP Analyser measures minute tympanic membrane displacements (TMD) and is capable of detecting ‘evoked’ and ‘spontaneous’ intra-aural pressure waves that reflect abnormalities of cerebral pressure as well as obscure inner and middle ear disorders.

The CCFP Analyser is challenging our understanding of medicine.  For the first time, the CCFP allows the clinician to diagnose and treat raised cerebral pressure as the underlying cause of certain combinations of dizziness, tinnitus and hearing loss.

Of equal importance is the ability to quantify abnormal TMD in terms of middle ear muscle myoclonus or dysfunction such as patulous (open) Eustachian tube.

It is reassuring for the clinician to have a quick and reliable method of examining ear physiology and the influence of cerebral pressure.

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