MMS Analysers Recommended by UK Department of Health

MMS is proud to announce that the UK Department of Health has recommended use o f Marchbanks Analysers throughout the UK in the National Health Service (NHS). The Analysers are included in the NHS, “ 18 Weeks Commission Pathways”, under neurology – dizziness, and in cases of “ dia gnostic doubt.” In particular, where intracranial hypertension may be an underlying cause o f dizziness, in association with tinnitus or hearing dysfunction. T he instrument is currently used in the UK and elsewhere for detecting “ signatures” of brain disease and injury. Amongst other conditions, it can provide a clear differential diagnosis between intracranial hypertension and intracranial hypotension such as can occur with cerebrospinal fluid lea ks. The instrument can greatly reduce costs of medical care and disabilities can be reduced with expedited treatment.